How to Make Tea Like a Brit

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“Real” British tea is made with high quality loose tea leaves. If having leaves settle in the bottom of your teacup is not your “cup of tea” then try using a filter or diffuser. You should first warm your teapot by filling it with boiling water then pour this water out and begin the process.

When using leaves, put a teaspoon of tea per cup in your warm teapot. Fill it with freshly boiled water (never boil water twice), stir slightly, and allow it to “steep” or sit for between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on how strong you like to drink your tea. Once the tea has steeped the appropriate time, stir it again before you pour. The British actually add milk and/or sugar to the pot before they serve the tea. Because there are so many sweetening options and milk types you may wish to pour the steeped tea and allow each individual to prepare their cup of tea to their liking.

Steeping the perfect pot of tea is an art and a science. Once you have steeped your tea you may find it is not exactly the taste you desired, so it is easy for you to make a few changes so that when you serve that particular tea in the future you achieve the desired taste.

You can use less tea per cup. If you are purchasing your loose leaf tea from a quality tea source you most likely will find that the tea is stronger and requires less tea to brew the perfect pot. You may also want to to switch the type of tea you are using to find your favorite tea. The most popular British teas are  Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Rose, Orange Pekoe, and Imperial Gunpowder. All of these teas are very different so it might be prudent to purchase a cup of tea first and experience the flavor before purchasing a quantity of loose leaf tea.


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